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Adolescent Therapy

July 26, 20233 min read

Adolescent Therapy

There are some experiences most of us are glad we had, but never wish to relive them. If we’re being honest with ourselves, being a teenager was probably one of those times. Granted, there were probably some great times- hanging out with friends, doing after school activities, or simply having a meal cooked for you (whether or not you appreciated it at the time). But between trying to figure out who you were, your place in the world, and how to talk to other people, there was probably a lot of stress and heartbreak.

The adolescent years are a time for the brain to grow and mature in more sophisticated ways. Personalities shine and social skills are put to the test. It is a time where who you were is constantly being tested by the present situation.

As a parent, you want your kid to thrive and live a happy, fulfilling life. That can seem impossible when you have no idea what is gong on in their head. Adolescents view the world differently. They draw conclusions and patterns where our adult brains may not. It’s part of growing up.

Stoughton Counseling, Inc. has years of experience understanding and appreciating the teenage brain. When you don’t understand why your teen is acting a way, or can’t seem to help them through an emotional turmoil- it isn’t your fault. You care and love for your child in a way no one else can, and sometimes, counseling is what will help them the most. The counselors are here to support you and your adolescent through whatever life throws at them.

How can Adolescent Therapy help?

Our counselors are ready to listen and guide your teen through whatever difficulty they are facing. Emotional, cognitive, or behavioral- we’ve seen it all. There is no problem too small that can’t be helped by therapy. Some parents even take their son or daughter into a counselor’s office like they would a routine physical checkup. Staying on top of their (and your) mental health is a great way to prevent future pain.

But, that isn’t always possible or necessary. Stoughton Counseling works hard to provide a judgement-free space for both you and your teen. No matter what you’re struggling with- we can always offer a listening, empathetic ear and professional training. Some more common issues we see with adolescents include:

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Social anxiety

  • School stress

  • Video game addiction

  • Eating disorders

  • Discipline problems

  • Deviant behavior in school

  • Low self-esteem

  • Suicidal ideation

  • Perfectionism

  • Lying

  • Anger

  • Family dynamics

  • Self-harm

These are just a few examples of the expertise Stoughton Counseling can provide. It can be hard to see your adolescent in pain. There is hope. With the right coping mechanisms and support, your teen can overcome their difficulties and thrive.

It can help to work through a situation early on, as it prevents poor coping habits and drops in self-esteem. We understand that it can be a big decision to bring your child into therapy. A little extra support can go a long ways, and sometimes an outsider view on the situation is just what they need to figure it out themselves. It can never hurt to bring your son or daughter to therapy.

What does Adolescent Therapy look like?

Therapy is largely individualized, especially when it comes to the constantly changing and unique life of a teenager. Depending on the situation and their own personality, Our counselors have many different approaches.

For some, simply talking through problems and being empowered is enough. For others, more advanced techniques can be used. Some examples of therapy we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (identifying and changing bad thoughts and behavior)

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (teaches how to deal with extreme emotions)

  • Mindfulness skills

  • Strength based strategies

  • Teaching coping and self-awareness skills

  • Small groups (contact us for more detailed information)

  • Communication skills

  • Positive psychology

  • Art and music therapy

No matter what the situation, or how hopeless it may seem, Stoughton Counseling, Inc. is here for you and your adolescent.

Your child deserves the best. Our counselors are excited and ready to help them get there.

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